COVID Safety | Careful Congregation

From the March 17th VCRC Voice Newsletter…

In the midst of changing mandates, please remember to be kind to others & to be careful! If you have ANY symptoms of illness, stay home and join Sunday worship via the live-stream. Socialize outside when possible. Thank you for remembering to give each other space when finding your seats in the sanctuary and when exiting. As already noted elsewhere, kids 5+, parents and volunteers still need to wear masks when attending Gym Sunday.

Thanks to those who provided feedback via Wednesday’s “Quick Poll” regarding the changing COVID safety guidelines! Your general affirmation for one another is heartwarming. Thank you! Our views aren’t the same, but our love is. BRAT plans to explore suggestions and will continue to ask questions and explore options. (Here is a March 14 update from the BCCDC for Faith Based Spiritual and Worship Practices.)

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