VCRC future plans

There are lots of conversations happening about future plans for VCRC these days. Here are some of the latest updates:

Sept 10 Luncheon & Fall 1st Sundays | Consistory News
On Sunday September 10th we have invited Christ Community members to join us for morning worship service at VCRC, to be followed by an opportunity for fellowship while we enjoy a lunch outside (weather permitting). Further details to follow. Combined worship services:  Consistory voted to extend our current practice of worshipping at Christ Community Church on the first Sunday of each month until the anticipated vote on a potential amalgamation at our fall AGM. VCRC will not be hosting worship services on September 3, October 1, or November 5. Instead on these dates all VCRC members are invited to join our brothers and sisters at Christ Community Church to share in the Lord’s Supper together.

Council Update | August Meeting
At our August meeting council received an update from the PCS Liaison Committee. The committee reported that PCS had recently presented an offer to purchase the VCRC building and property. The committee reviewed the preliminary offer and found it lacking in important details and not suitable to present to council. The committee sent the offer back to PCS proposing revised terms and has received a positive initial response. The committee continues to negotiate with PCS and remains optimistic that they will soon be in a position to bring a revised offer to council for review. The hope is, if council finds the revised proposal to be reasonable, that an informed discussion and congregational vote could take place at the fall Annual General Meeting. Council has also heard much feedback urging that the question of potentially joining with Christ Community Church be resolved as soon as possible. In response to this feedback, Council instructed the CCC/VCRC Joint Planning Committee to make a concerted effort to present a proposal and recommendations to council in time for a congregational vote at the fall AGM. A re-organizing of districts is taking place. This process should be completed by mid-September and at that time, more information will be made available (i.e. who your elder and deacon are). In all of these matters council continues to prayerfully seek God’s leading and direction for the future of our church.
Ken Oldenburger, Chair

If you are interested in hearing more, or reading future updates from VCRC's council, please send an email to [email protected].