COVID-19 December Update

December 2, 2021

As many of you will have seen reported in the news this week, what we have been doing well at VCRC voluntarily for some time – wearing masks — is now mandatory for worship services. Everyone1 age 5 and older is required to wear a mask entering, during worship, and exiting the building. (Attendance at worship services is limited to 50% seating capacity = 175.)

Because we have been doing this for a while together, you won’t see much change in how Sunday Services are conducted. Pastors, readers, and some of the worship team will still be removing their masks when leading from the stage (safely distanced from each other and those in the pews – even if it doesn’t look like it on camera). Masks may be lowered to receive communion.

These updated health orders are a good reminder to keep our tendency for complacency in check. Let’s continue to make our way through the foyer to chat outside after Sunday services. As the world waits to learn more about the potential impacts of the Omicron variant, we wait upon the Lord. Be strong, take heart!

Planning ahead for the Christmas Eve service, both livestream and in-person options will be available. Seating in the sanctuary will be restricted to 50% capacity. Pre-registration via Event Brite will be available soon!

Groups and committees who meet in the church must also wear masks, even while seated, except while eating and drinking.

It’s not exactly the Advent lesson we want but waiting patiently is appropriate. We rejoice that we can continue to gather in the building and pray for God’s mercy on northern BC where the health care system is so close to collapsing that the churches cannot gather together until the new year.

In Christ,

The Building Re-Opening Action Team





  1. You don’t have to wear a mask if:
  • You are under 5 years old
  • You are unable to wear a mask because of a health condition or physical or mental impairment
  • You are unable to put on or remove a mask without help from another person
  • Wearing a mask prevents you from communicating with someone with a hearing impairment

If a person claims a valid reason they cannot wear a mask, take them at their word. Proof should not be required.

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